Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sniffen Court

Yeah, I was sniffing around Sniffen Court, and here's what I snuffed:

Normally this little private half of an alley is gated with a key. Fortunately the day I walked by there was construction going on, as you can see by the plywood path covering over the more aesthetically fitting flagstones. I'm happy I was actually able to get in there to take pictures instead of poking through the gate. Also, I was happy to walk to the end and back, so I can mark off on my map that I actually traversed the alley. There are a few private streets that I hope to get access to for my walking project, the big ones being Patchin Place and MIlligan Place, which are right around the corner from each other. Years ago I was in MacDougal Alley, so I marked it off on the map. I think that should count. Though I'd love to get in there again, "officially" as my project goes.

Oh yeah, I also got in Broadway Alley, but I didn't have any film cameras on hand and it's nowhere near as charming as Sniffen Court.

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