Saturday, August 7, 2010


So last Sunday for $50 I picked up a Pentax K1000 at the flea market. It's a camera I've always coveted ever since I first used one that I borrowed back in 1991 (I posted a story about this in another post). So now I have my own K1000, and even though I knew the shutter would probably be running a bit slow, I took it out for a test run anyways. And yes, much of my stuff is predictably overexposed, but I like the way this came out:

I just love that camera. It's like the ultimate O.G. street shooter. I'm going to have my guy do the tighten up on the shutter so it'll really be off the hook. But what if it's off the chain? What if the chain is off the hook, but you're still on the chain? What if you're off the chain but the chain is on the hook? If you're on the chain does that mean you're standing on it? If a chain's on a train going 75 mph towards Cleveland and a hook's on a book to Pittsburgh will we ever meet again on the bonnie bonnie banks of Loch Lomond?


  1. Och dearie, you bring a tearie to me drearie eye making me lament my days along the damp banks of Loch Lomond.
    You got me hook, line and sinker, ya stinker!

  2. very awesome shot... I can see this one lasting a long time.