Monday, August 2, 2010

Saturday Without Art

Here's Union Square Park, the photo taken on the first Saturday under the new rules. It's also my first shot taken with the SWC:

I actually think this shot would have been better without the bicyclist in the foreground (or is that middleground), like maybe if there were just some of the people farther in the shot to really show how empty an expanse it is, especially with the 38mm lens. They say (you know, "they" being "them") that the 38mm Distagon lens has a 90 degree field of view. I think it was over 90 degrees when I took this shot so I think that's apropos. I think.

I put three rolls through the SWC today. I really have to develop more rolls so I can find if I know what I'm doing yet with the damn thing. Oh, and that thin line going up and down through just the right of the center of the frame is some kind of scanning artifact, but I made a promise (I think) that I've turned the corner on scanner rants.

Let's hope so, for all our sakes.

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