Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Not like the bikes I posted yesterday, but more like a motorcycle:

I believe the maxim on the front says, "Support Your Local Ghetto." If the ghetto is populated with women holding up mens' severed heads, I'm not sure I'll be getting out my checkbook at pledge time just yet.

I'm watching the original The Bad News Bears on TCM right now, so if I seem a little distracted...

And why the hell is it that I'm one of those people that has a wall full of DVDs that I hardly ever watch yet when something comes on that I have on DVD I have to watch it, even if it's at some ridiculously later hour and I have to be up early in the morning. This most notably happened when I happened upon The Seven Samurai starting at 3:00am on a school night. But goddamn do I love that movie. And I actually have watched the DVD so it's not that bad, but you see the point.

And yes, I have The Bad News Bears on DVD. I should be developing film, but Walter Matthau is wooing Tatum O'Neal to pitch for the Bears...

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