Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Empire of the Sun

I enjoy being a girl.

No, that has nothing to do with this entry. That's just Nancy Kwan singing in the background as I'm writing this entry. I love how Flower Drum Song can simultaneously push Southeast Asian culture forward while pulling the feminist cause farther back. Rodgers and Hammerstein were really ahead of their time.

What does all this have to do with a picture of the Empire State Building taken with a camera with a really wide angle lens? Nothing really:

I had a good driving soundtrack earlier today. Lately I've been in the habit whenever I get in the car to leave the city to set the ipod (which is hooked up to the car stereo) to Exodus' Fabulous Disaster. Nothing quite gives the car more pickup than some serious thrash. And yes, I do have Slayer, Metallica (nothing after And Justice For All... and even that album is pushing the limits of good taste as far as thrash/speed metal goes), and the rest, but there's something about that Exodus. Or maybe I'm just a sucker for a good double bass roll.

I was heading up to Yonkers, to take some abandoned building shots. I'll admit, I'm a newbie at "urban spelunking" (as some call it), and I didn't venture far into the building, though I plan on making some return trips. Of course, the results will end up around here (that goes without saying, of course).

After taking three rolls with the SWC, Rolleiflex, and Medalist, I headed back into the car and menued up some equally inspiring music — Public Enemy's Fear of a Black Planet.

'cause the brothers in the street are willin' to work it out...

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