Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hai, Cuong, Shady (l-r)

I've seen these guys in Washington Square Park before, though they're pretty hard to miss. They engage in some serious hackey-sack in the southwest corner by the fountain. I said "serious," because I'm reluctant to say "extreme." But it is extreme, and they give their all.

I got up my courage to ask them for a shot after seeing another photog taking up-close action shots with a digital camera. I also got some action shots, but from the sidelines, where I was happy to sit.

This photograph is almost great. I wish I had gotten their feet entirely in the shot. In my first shot, I did have them perfectly framed feet-wise, but their positioning was off. I was originally intending to post that shot too, but I'm busy and really ridiculously tired right now.

I used to hackey-sack when I was a senior in high school, but we played a game called, "Killer Hack." Basically, whoever missed the sack would get tackled. If you ran instead of taking your punishment, there was a pile-on.

Oh those schoolyard days....

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