Saturday, December 26, 2009

Out "Sick"

I brought in some slide film to be developed at the start of the week. I was hoping to have it back by Wednesday or Thursday. The guy I take it to doesn't do it in-house. It's delivered to some other lab and returned the next day via delivery boy (or girl or man or woman or how about "person?").

Said deliverer was suspiciously sick in the days approaching Christmas. I'm pissed. I mean, I (and by extension you) am (and by extension are) being denied my art! Who knows what masterpiece of photography is sitting in a lab in the 20s and not being posted on a Saturday night!

You know, I have a feeling that the more I talk this roll up, the more I'll be ashamed when I get around to posting the shots.

Until then, here's a frozen action shot of Hai and that other photographer getting in the act (as related here):

Oh, why not....and speaking of frozen:

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