Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sack Time

I think I got a few decent shots this weekend. Well...until the park was overrun by several thousand unruly Santas who were rude, drunk, and urinating in public (a story for another day). In other (but related) news, my film developer (well, he's not "mine," but you know what I mean) promised that I should have fresh rolls ready to go tomorrow morning. So until then I present two shots, both taken of and on the day I got Hai, Cuong, and Shady to pause for a portrait.

You'll see this first one is a double exposure, and yes, it's a mistake. And if you're like me (god I hope not, for your sake), you just may think it actually looks pretty cool. It was taken with my Zeiss Ikon Nettar that my dad gave me. He got it when he was 13 and it still looks brand new. I think it takes even nicer shots than the YashMats, but of course focusing is more of a challenge since you don't see what you're focusing on with the thing, you just guess the distance and hope for the best:

This second shot I also took with a "new" old camera, a Sawyer's 127 that I got off ebay. Yes, it uses 127 film with Efke still makes. The black and white is relatively affordable, yet the color is a bit much, unless I take to cutting down 120 film to size in the dark, but I'm not sure I'm ready for such an advanced level of fiddling around.

As you can see, a flock of pigeons also took a great interest in the hacking:

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