Friday, December 18, 2009


Julie is a Tall Black Girl, but you wouldn't really know it from looking at her. She noticed the YashMat2EB on the counter at the photo place. It looked like she was bringing in some disposable film cameras for developing. When I told her about the project, and feeling more than a bit self-conscious while giving my spiel in front of the photo dude, she agreed. I waited until we were outside to give her my card. She was surprised that I wanted to take the picture right there. As we talked, I discovered that the owner of the bar where she works is an old friend of mine. Say, can you call someone a friend that you never see, never talk to, and never made plans with, even when you saw them on a regular basis and that's only because they were working behind a bar?

Worse yet, the other person I'm referring to is a killer photographer and is going to soil herself laughing when she sees what I've put up on the site.


Yikes. I don't even know where to start with this one. Oh, I know...we'll start with the positioning on the sidewalk. Even though we were in the shade, I still didn't insist that she face the opposite way, since the sky behind her was a little bit bright. Part of me felt it didn't really matter, since it also looked brightish when facing north. I could have at least had her the other way so maybe I'd have her exposed better. But the bigger thing was my shyness in even wanting to make the most simple request of, "can you stand this way?" And this was someone who was surprised that I wanted to take the picture immediately, right there (like I mentioned above). What am I so afraid of that I can't make small requests of willing subjects? What's wrong with me (don't answer that)? I could easily say that I'm just not wanting to be any more of an imposition on a person's life, but it's more than that. Yech.

Speaking of about that shaky, slight double image thing I have going on here! Yech indeed. Though Part of me can live with it, since I like her expression a lot. I think it makes up for my technical ineptitude (I use that word a lot around here, "ineptitude"). I took another shot of her, but this one was definitely the better image of her, even if it wasn't the better overall image.

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