Friday, December 11, 2009


I was leaning on the fountain running my first roll of film through my newly acquired Kodak Junior Six-20 folding camera. She was sitting on one of those raised knob things (what the hell would you call them?) that ring the fountain. We sort of looked at each other back and forth, her noticing the camera, and me noticing that she was looking at a map. "Where are you from?" I asked.

She was from Switzerland, Z├╝rich to be precise. She was taking a year off before starting college, and was staying with a friend who's going to Fordham. Her friend wasn't out, since she was being diligent with her studies (something I apparently wasn't last Sunday afternoon), Lara was left alone to explore this "endless" city (as she put it to me).

She told me her gay friends back in Switzerland wanted her to visit Christopher Street. I pointed her in the right direction, but not before she let me shoot her. Oh, and this was with the YashMat, not with the Junior Six-20.

This entry could be way better. You know (well, you wouldn't know, but you know...), I was up all night last night writing a simply god-awful paper. No, this isn't one of those cases where you say, "oh, my paper sucks," and then it turns out you got an A. No, what I handed is was really an abomination. So yeah, I was up all night fueled on Ice Cream Sodas, Coca-Cola (left over from the float), more ice cream, a giant cookie, and just at the right time, I opened up my door and there was a package of fudge waiting for me. That's another story entirely. So yeah...I need some sleep.

Or maybe I should just stop making excuses.

Oh, and I was going to write this whole thing about parallax error/correction with the YashMat, since I'm pretty sure I had less headroom in this shot, but whatever (how many times have I said, "but whatever" on this blog already? Jesus Christ...). Yeah, I'll maybe finally do some real parallax tests.

You're fascinated, I can tell.

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