Saturday, December 19, 2009

Santa Blows

They were part of the first group of Santas to show up in the park that day. I had no idea what a spectacle it would become.

I took this shot with a Kodak Junior Six-20. I've become quite adept at respooling film in the dark. Now if I could only become more adept at the pictures I take with it...

Oh, how I wish...

Yes, as you may notice, this begins yet another run of placeholders. I'm not sure how long the run will last, since I'm currently studying for finals. But as per usual, there will be a picture posted every day, as to give whoever looks at this damned thing something to look forward to (if I may be such a presumptuous asshole).

You know, I got an A on a paper despite all the time I've devoted to this site. You know, you wouldn't think doing this site would take up so much time, but it really does. Besides, what else would I be doing with that time. Studying? Please.

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