Tuesday, December 15, 2009


It was the calm before the storm, though neither Monty nor myself knew it. He was just happy to catch some rays on a sunny winter's day. I wondered, but never did bother to ask him why he brought along a sunning-type chair if he was just going to sit on the park bench. His friend next to him (not pictured) said, "I get ten percent of whatever you give him" (usually that's my line).

I said to the friend, "That's between you two." The friend declined to have his picture taken, though I thought he'd have made as just an interesting subject, even if he wasn't indulging in le soleil.

The storm to which I referred to in the opening sentence was the invasion of Santa Clauses. When I get my Santa rolls processed, I might put some of the pictures up to show you what I've been complaining about for two posts already.

Yes, I know I'm a complainer.

You don't like it, go complain to someone.

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