Tuesday, December 1, 2009


This was my first shot of Althea. It was my first shot of the night, actually, and was a bit of an experiment. I've been having problems getting proper focus in the dark (duh), and it's only harder if I have my aperture wide open. So I figured I'd try something else. I closed up to f/22 to ensure as much depth of field as possible as to provide some safety, shot at 1/4 of a second, with the flash at full blast.

As you can see, she came our just fine, focus-wise. Though other than her face and forearm/hand, she looks like she should be in Mummenschanz. Below is my second (and final) shot of her, with the aperture wide open (f/3.5), with the flash at 1/4 strength, and the shutter speed the same:

Here you can actually see much more detail of the dress, yet since I have so little depth of field to play with, if I'm not just exactly right with the focus (and mind you, I'm focusing basically in the dark), well...you get what you see above...there's got to be some kind of perfect medium where I don't have to worry about being super on-point with focus (hoping depth of field will save me), while at the same time getting a halfway-decently exposed shot.

That all said....

I've known Althea for ages. I almost can't believe how long I've actually known her, but again, as I've said in other places on this thing, I don't mean that in a bad way at all.

Thank you Althea, for putting up with me (and not just the other night).

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