Sunday, December 6, 2009


Even though Ali was there the same night all the previous shots were taken (well, the last stretch, not all the previous shots going back to August), I had never met her before. She was there in the company of Tim, who we met earlier ("we" being us meaning you the blog reader, that is).

Like Tim (and me, come to think of it), she grew up in New Jersey. Unlike Tim (and me), she's now living in Silver Lake, looking to put her acting degree from Tisch to work. Unlike me, she actually finished there as opposed to dropping out. Like me, she likes attention (and what's a blog if not to whore yourself out on the internet claiming that you're making "art" when in actuality you'll sell out in a heartbeat god willing), and was more than willing to let me shoot her.

Of course, this was my best shot of her. Well, it would have been if I'd have gotten the gosh darn focus right. Je suis pissed, yet I have nobody to be pissed at but moi. Maybe I can say that I did the soft focus thing on purpose, like smearing vaseline on the lens back in the old days.'s all about my ineptitude. Now I'll never become a headshot photographer! Well, not that I want to be a headshot photographer, but I'd like to think I'd be able to if I so chosed ("chosed?" I really am from New Jersey...).

Here's another shot of her, in focus:

I actually really like the shifty-eyed glance.

Ali, I'm sorry I screwed that one up.

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