Friday, March 19, 2010


I ran into Al on Greenwich Ave. He and his co-worker (and friend I'm assuming) Michael (or Mike? Am I even remembering the right name? Hey, I'm back in my old form of taking people's pictures and not remembering their name because I didn't write things down!) were catching a smoke outside a bar that has $1 beers every Thursday. They work in construction, building fancy lofts in fancy apartments for fancy people.

Fancy that.

But my problem with this picture, well, I had a problem which version I fancied more. The above, which is the straight-up color scan of the black and white negative, or the more traditional black and white version you see below:

I kept switching between the two in preview and just couldn't decide. Both seemed to have their merits. In the black and white, Al seems to be set more apart from the background, especially around his head and face. However, the straight-up scan has more interesting tones, and shows better detail.

Oh, but this is the price we pay for being "artists," right?

That reminds me, someone please punch me the next time I call myself an "artist." I think my work on this site proves I am anything but.

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