Tuesday, March 30, 2010


The cop cars had their sirens going as they drove on the sidewalk at Union Square East. Being ever so eager to catch some action shots with the Medalist, I trucked my little self over to the action, which was in front of Starbucks (where there's always some high-caffeinated action to be had!). I took some shots of the cops as they seemed to be doing not much besides milling about, and talking to a slightly out of sorts white person. Being all for naught, I went to the corner of 15th and waited for the light to change.

Mirna noticed the camera and commented just as we started walking. During our trek across the street I gave her my spiel and she agreed to a shot. This gives her the honor of the first person to compliment one of my non-YashMat cameras and have their photo on the site.

She's a Texan, in Brooklyn via Austin via Dallas and by the end of the year will be back deepinahearta. But on this day she told me she was looking for an address on West 15th. It turned out to be Tibet House, which she decided to visit on her lunch break. If you haven't been or don't, Tibet House is a museum, meditation place, bookstore, and shrine all combined. It's a must see.

I took Mirna's photo in front of Tibet House. It was pretty underexposed, and I was surprised I was able to manipulate it to the point that it doesn't look too terrible. Though I really should have taken more care.

Mirna, I owe you a better shot.

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