Monday, March 1, 2010

One Fifth Avenue

Here's another shot from that mystery roll, the one I forgot what kind of film it was (That reminds me of a game..."open the door for your, mystery roll..." okay, maybe not). This is also a completely unretouched scan of the black and white negative:

I've always loved this building. It's really imposing, and I'd really like to catch that imposition on film. I like it here somewhat, with the clouds in the background that give it a little something, but I'm not sure if the tree in the foreground is helping any. Or maybe I could argue something about depth.

A lot of people think this is the building that inspired the Ghostbusters building. I don't know if it is or isn't. But I can see how it might have served as inspiration, or why people think it. I really can't see why they're making a Ghostbusters III.

I mean, if you're going to rape the classics, why not do a reinvention of Q, or Empire of the Ants, or even Longshot, that foosball movie starring Leif Garrett.

I should probably stop now, before someone gets ideas.

I'm going to develop a few Bantam rolls tonight. One from the Special, one from the 4.5, so maybe I'll have some variety for tomorrow (so he says). I'd like to try to at least do a roll a day (so he promises). If I'm not going to be doing schoolwork, why not do something constructive (so he rationalizes)?

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