Sunday, March 7, 2010

Posing for Someone Else's Picture

I wish I could say that this was vintage found film, but I can't. It's some Kodachrome II from god knows when put into the Bantam F-8. As you can see, the processing was just marvy!

I do wish it had come out better. I mean, who doesn't like older white gentlemen sporting bling? Fortunately (or unfortunately, you choose) I have more KII 828 rolls to further experiment with...I did shoot another roll that day with the 4.5 but I mixed up the wrong dilution of HC-110 (A instead of B, for all you "in the know") and got nothing (the above was done with Ilfosol 3). I'll have to go out with the 4.5 again and see what happens under more controlled circumstances.


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