Saturday, March 27, 2010

Street Coffee (detail)

Starbucks had this thing going on set up in the "Bloomberg Zone" in front of the Flatiron Building. I think I overheard that they were using all of these different colored cups of coffee, I mean, white cups filled with different colors of coffee to form some picture of a tree or something. I think it was some attempt by a multi-billion dollar corporation to say that they care about the environment or something, and aren't just about the profit margin (of course!):

Yes, this is a detail of a larger, less interesting shot. They also had a table there where they were asking you if you liked coffee and if you said yes, they gave you some kind of portable reusable cup. I didn't stick around long enough for them to ask.

I fucking hate coffee.


  1. i love coffee, so shut up.

    why didn't you do color for this shot?

  2. No you shut up.

    I didn't have color film with me that day.