Monday, March 15, 2010

Morningside Afternoon

I do realize this shot could probably have benefitted from a person, maybe just a lone person walking on the pathway through the leafless trees in the park, but it was a pretty quiet day last Thursday:

But that's not entirely true. As I was walking out of the park there were these two teenage girls that passed my slow, meandering self and one said to the other, "You're in love with him physically but not emotionally."

Unfortunately it wasn't anything like the gem I overheard a few weeks ago in downtown Brooklyn, as one Planned Parenthood employee said to another, "That lady had 18 fuckin' abortions."

"Really?" the other replied.

"That one was just her 18th!"

Much as I wanted to continue listening in about other people's sex lives, I had to head back to the city to get some work done.

18 abortions...I wonder who the lucky guy is!

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