Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Real Charmer

Ladies, these are the kind of guys your mother warned you about. Really smooth operators that get the chicks swooning at their feet:

Then he dragged them down to his level. Even their dog couldn't resist his charms:

It didn't matter how busy things got in the park that day, they were rapt with attention:

I noticed that I lost a subscriber today. I went from an awe-inspiring 9 to a meager 8 viewers of this site. But that's just an observation, not what I'm here to talk about.

I got an email today. It was a very nice email from someone who I met a few weeks ago and ended up striking up a conversation (as opposed to those people you meet and don't talk to). Somehow it came out that I had this ongoing site/project/whathaveyou. I don't even remember how it came out, but I know I didn't lead with it. It's not like I meet people and say, "Hi, it's nice to meet you, check out my photos..." Or maybe I do and aren't aware of it...that would be awful.

So in this short little note was a compliment on the site, and that it's being enjoyed. No, that's a good thing of course, and it reminded me that people actually do read this thing, and that I really have to step up my game. I'm not just talking about the photographs, but moreso the writing.

As much as I like taking pictures, I can't see ever referring to myself as a "photographer." I just like taking pictures. My real love, and strength (I'd like to think, despite anything on this site to the contrary) is writing. Instead of writing about my writing here, I'll just write and you can judge whether it's worth something or not. But either way, I really do have to push myself with it, especially on those nights when I'm ultra-tired.

But the big importance of this email today is that I have to always remind myself that someone's reading this, even if they're not commenting. There are sites/blogs/whatever that I check on a daily basis yet never leave comments or email the author to give them my ultra-important opinion.

The game has to be raised.

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