Saturday, March 6, 2010

Yet More Snow

Did somebody develop a roll of snow pictures yesterday? He sure did!

This was taken with the Bantam F-8, with Pan-F Plus, pulled to ISO25 (for all you photo types reading this, yeah right...). I really like the whole Kodak Bantam series, if you haven't been able to tell already. I'm really fond of the 4.5, and the F-8. I know I've written about the Special...Well, I had it fixed up, and there is an artifact on one of the lens elements that is unfixable. Unfortunately, it does affect the final image. Though I just got another Special on the supercheap. It's really beaten up and dirty on the outside (and in), though I think the inner lens elements look like they're intact. I'll take it to my camera fixer guy and see if he can perform a transplant. Even though I've become quite adept at camera surgery over the past few months, I have to leave the Bantam Special to a professional.

Also, I don't have any more film to develop! This snow roll was the last one I did. Well the obvious solution to that would be to just go out and take pictures! Right? Today was a spectacular day to be outside, so I was told. I didn't leave the house but I did look out the window. You see, it's this school thing. I think I did more concentrated work today than I have the entire semester so far. I've really been struggling, fighting with myself. So why all the work today? Well, I'm putting together and outline for a presentation I'll be doing in a few weeks, though the outline is due tomorrow. I've been woefully unacquainted with my sources (not entirely unacquainted, but not well enough acquainted to be considered "familiar." You know how that is, right?). So I've been putting my mind to the issues of possible neanderthal burials, cannibalism, and all sorts of other stuff where you read an article by one guy and come away thinking,"this guy makes sense!" And then you read another article which takes the exact opposite viewpoint and say, "this guy makes sense!"

Okay, I'm babbling and rambling with no apparent point here. I think I'm just trying to keep my fingers moving before I have to hit those articles again.

Okay, okay, I'm going back. It's what's best for us all.

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