Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I'll save the fascinating story behind the developing of this image for after the image. But one of the things I do like, and didn't discover until I looked at it large on the computer screen, is the dude in the background on the right hand side. I'd like to think it just might be Carmine Appice. Now I don't know what Carmine does in his spare time, or if he even lives in the city, or even if he buys his own groceries. Then again, maybe it's Tom Savini. Maybe it's their love child. A boy can dream...okay, I'm making no sense here.

So even though I'm a bit tired late last night, I was really excited to develop this roll of 3200 that I shot earlier in the day. It was the first time I was developing some 3200 at 3200 all by my very lonesome. So I head to the bathroom with an iPod full of Jack Benny and get to mixing and measuring chemicals.

Okay, I'm going to long story short this since I'm way tired at this early hour. I think I was bitten by a tsetse fly. Maybe someone who's keeping one as a pet lost it. That's totally possible, right?

Here's the deal. I only mixed half the amount of developer needed for a 120 size film, and only realized it two minutes into the 9 minute development time. So I just took the can and agitated constantly, hoping all of the film would get covered. I think this shot was the best exposed on the roll.

Goddamn, I shouldn't be so tired this early.

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