Thursday, October 29, 2009

Adam, Stoshi, et al.

That's Adam second from the left. He was the spokesman for the group. But I'm getting ahead of myself here...

I was going north up Mercer and stopped behind these guys to take some "artsy" picture of a garage sign that didn't come out very artsy (no surprise there). I heard them speaking a language that I thought was Russian. I liked their yellow, and began to steel myself to ask them for a picture, which I did.

Adam said, "yeah, sure." And nobody else seemed to object. This was taken standing in the middle of Mercer, after a break in the traffic. I wish I had centered it a bit better, but I'm just happy not to get run over by some super-stretch heading to the Mercer Hotel.

After the shot, three of the men stayed behind. Adam, and Stoshi, who was all the way on the right. Yes, you know where this is going...The very nice person on the left, the one who after the fact complimented me on the YashMat...yeah, I forgot his name. I apologize.

Wanting to sound cool and hip, I said that I also had a Salyut. I figured I'd let them know I was down with some old-school Mother Russia Cold War technology.

"We're Polish," Adam said.

I'm such a dick.

Okay, so this is finally my last shot on that awful Reala stock. But I think it was Martin Luther King Jr. who once said that you shouldn't judge someone by the color of his stock but by the content of his photos.

Shit. I'm screwed both ways.

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