Thursday, October 8, 2009


I was hoping to come back with fresh material today, but such are the vagaries of having your film developed. I don't do it myself because A: I don't really have the time right now, and B: I barely trust myself to develop my own black and white, let alone C-41 or even E-6!

Oh, there I go again, getting all technical to come off as a photo snob (but don't I really wish I was? yeah...).

So, I should have some new faces ready to go for tomorrow, and maybe even some old faces as well (that's a little something we photographers like to call "foreshadowing.").

Did I just say, "we photographers?" Oh, how I long to leave the snapshot hoi polloi behind!

So here's a little something without people. Personally, I find it very tiresome.

You get it, tiresome? Because they're tires?

I'm going to bed.

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