Sunday, October 25, 2009


Much like Domino, Roxy doesn't know much about cameras either, except that Roxy does know that he doesn't like them shoved in his face, especially if it's a 30mm fisheye lens just inches from his face. He's not too fond of Domino either, but they don't see each other very often.

Actually, Roxy doesn't even like being looked at closely. He'll close his eyes, hoping that you'll be gone when he opens them up again. He especially doesn't like it when you have a camera in his face, and then kick his cat stand so he'll open his eyes so you can get a picture of him with his eyes open and even then you miss the shot with his eyes entirely open and you get them as he's beginning to close them again even though he still has his tongue sticking out all cute and all.

I'm sometimes not sure what Roxy likes exactly. No, that's not true. He likes his collards and kale. He likes endive too, and especially goes gaga for grapes — but they're only a treat — not a dietary staple.

Actually, I think his biggest dislike is being bothered. He's the kind of lizard that just wants to be left alone. I can respect that, well, up to the point that I can't take it anymore and have to pick him up and tell him what a great little monster he is.

What can I say, I love the little guy, and I know somewhere in that pea-brain of his, he loves me too.


Well, it's come to this again, pictures of animals in lieu of people for the project. But hey, I've got midterms and some heavy papers coming up. Besides, I think we had a good run here, all the way back to October 8th. It's great outside today, hopefully I'll get the chance to get out. That is, if I get enough work done, and if I can overcome this Benadryl hangover. Damn throat wouldn't stop itching late last night. But I hear a touch of swine flu is a real character builder.

Funny, even though I've been doing this project, today is the two month anniversary of my postings here!...I mean, since I've been doing this project, you'd think that it would get easier for me to talk to strangers. Not really. I'm still nervous before every time I go out, and wonder if someone will approach me, or if I'll get up the courage to approach someone else. I know the latter part of that isn't really in line with the project, but who cares. I want to get decent shots of people, more than anything.

Though after I have that first interaction with someone, things begin to fall into line, and I feel a bit more comfortable. Hopefully I'll get a decent amount of people today to put in the can. The school vise will only be getting tighter.


  1. Oh, Roxy J....he's so tolerant of humans...

    Congratulations on your two months taking pictures and writing this blog!! Keep at it. I enjoy it. :)