Sunday, October 11, 2009


He gave me his card, and I've lost it. He told me his name, and I've forgotten it. I'm really building bridges with this project.


He was a great guitar player. Not overpowering, no screeching solos, just low-key, pretty cool stuff (as you can see, I'm not much of a music critic either). He also told me that he will be in Times Square on Halloween. He didn't say if he was dressing up or not.

Though I think he could probably go as Dee Dee Ramone, especially from how he looks in the picture below.

Some technical notes:
I took these shots with the Salyut, using the 65mm lens. I think I'll only be using that on the Salyut, and the newly acquired 30mm fisheye. I have no idea what all the waviness is on the left side of the first shot. Maybe it's a light flare, maybe it's Dee Dee's ghost. Who knows. Actually, all the shots on this roll came out sort of fuzzy, or hazy, or something. I've taken shots with this camera with Ilford and Ektachrome and they've seemed fine so far. This was Fuji Reala, though I usually use Superia. I don't know.

Blame the film, that's what I say!

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