Sunday, October 18, 2009


I'm sure you remember Jim. I've run into him a lot since I took pictures of him back in August. Well, I mean, I always saw him around for years, but since I had actually talked to him I've taken the time every so often to say hello.

I think I mentioned earlier that I got a flash. Well, when I ran into Jim last week with the YashMat, he was more than willing to let me burn a roll on him while I fiddled with my shutter speeds and flash settings.

I think the shot above came out okay, but I like this one too:

This one I'm not so sure about. Hello glasses glare:

And then there's this gem:

Maybe you wouldn't believe this, but sometimes things don't always work right on a vintage camera. When I have the shutter set for 1 second, the flash is triggered twice (three times actually, but that third one is after the shutter is closed). While I do see the artistic (read: crap) possibilities in this, I'm not sure this shot is going to make me the next Harold Edgerton.

I'm also betting that when Harold did his experiments, he actually took the time to write down what speed his shutter was running at, the strength of the know, everything I wasn't doing that night on St. Mark's place when I was firing away at Jim. I really need to start bringing a pen and paper with me when I do this sort of thing.

I'm also going to have to find another human model for nighttime flash tests.

Any takers, if I can't find Jim?

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