Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Domino doesn't know much about cameras. Then again, neither do I, since this was the best of all the shots I took of him one summer's day at my parents' house and I triggered the shutter by accident. Anyways, back to the dog.

Normally, he likes to run around the yard like a maniac. The only reason he sat still was that he was transfixed by the dog bone my father was holding just out of frame. You can see it in his half-cocked ears. I mean, you can see that he's transfixed, not the dog bone.

When Domino isn't staring at food (usually other people's food), he likes to lie on top of people and pose for cellphone photos:

Stupid dog...

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  1. i was going to say...if Domino is talking to you and asking about your camera...ummm, is it 1977?