Friday, October 23, 2009


"Let me go and grab my coat first," Josh said after he agreed to be photographed. Like me, he's a student. Well, hopefully he's not a student like me. I wouldn't wish that on many people.

Though he's not just a student, he also plays guitar in FreeDOOM. He told me they just got a gig with D.R.I. next spring. Very cool.

Of course, I couldn't get the damned focus right, even though I took the time to refocus after each of my three shots. This is the only other one that's semi-acceptable:

For some reason I thought the lower angle would be better, but I like the waist-level view from the first shot. Though I think the second shot was better exposed, especially on the left side of his face (or should that be his right? I mean, his left, our right). I also think it's the better picture of him (expression-wise). Not to mention the whole focus debacle.

Maybe one of these days I'll get it together.

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