Monday, October 5, 2009


I didn't so much find Ronald as he was forced upon me. Allow me to explain.

Ronald sat down at a nearby picnic table while I was taking Michael's pictures. After I took the last shot, Michael jumped up and said, "You should take pictures of Ronald playing the guitar, he's awesome," and walked away.

"I guess he just passed you onto me," I said. "May I take your picture?"

"Sure, I guess. I've been playing here fifty years," he said. "I met my wife over by that bench," he said as he pointed in the direction of Garibaldi's statue, and then started playing.

He played two songs, something between folk and old country and western. They sounded familiar yet original at the same time (not to mention beautifully played and sung). I didn't ask him who they were by, not wanting to seem like some kind of unhip neophyte (I'm such a prideful poseur-asshole), though I really should have, since it would have filled this account out.

After he finished his second song, he simply said, "They don't write 'em like that anymore."

Like with Michael, I took these pictures with the Salyut. I just ordered a new viewfinder (Hasselblad knock-off) from Ebay that should be coming this week. Hopefully it will work better than the stock one which has some issues not worth getting into here. At least I hope I can blame my focusing problems on the viewfinder.

Yeah, it's the viewfinder's fault. It's always the viewfinder's fault...

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