Monday, October 26, 2009


Time for another placeholder. I went out yesterday and got some decent shots (I hope). I didn't get as many people as I'd have liked, but if everything comes out reasonably well, I should have seven new pictures for the site. I took in a bunch of film today to be developed. Hopefully I'll be able to get something fresh up tomorrow.

You know, I've noticed that lately I'm getting less people per roll. When you only have 12 shots a roll, it's not the most economical thing to keep taking pictures of the same inanimate objects. That's the thing with this project. Once I decided that I'd take pictures of people who liked the camera, that's when they stopped coming. I realized that I couldn't just be walking around with the YashMat dangling from my neck, but I actually had to be using it. Well, some people see the thing dangling and have to say something, but more often than not it's when I'm actually in flagrante that their interest really gets piqued. This is also necessitating me having to get over my shyness when it comes to approaching total strangers and asking for their photo, though I actually did it today with a group of people...but...I should wait to talk about that when I get the picture up.

So in the meantime I'm going to take you back...The year is 1999. The place is San Pedro, California. I saw an interesting looking man walking on the beach and asked if I could take a picture. He didn't say anything, yet stopped to allow me to capture his image with my Pentax ZX-M.

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