Friday, May 28, 2010


I was still somewhat in shock when Angel complimented me on my camera. She was working at a place called "It's Sugar," a little nook in a larger marketplace. And what a marketplace it's The Limelight.

About a month ago my father told me they were turning the Limelight into a market, but it didn't really register with me. Maybe I didn't really believe him. Sure, a market. After all the semen that flew around in that joint who would ever want to buy anything there, let alone something edible? But sure enough, it's now three levels of candy, fancy bakeries, clothing joints...Like a church-encased Chelsea Market.

I didn't take any film pictures of the new setup inside. The last time I was there was Labor Day weekend 2006 and I was seeing The Cramps at one of the last Motherfucker parties. Now the loss of the Limelight as a club didn't hit me hard or anything. I didn't have an emotional connection to it like I did with CBs, which I refuse to walk in. John Varvatos can eat a dick, even if it was time for CBs to move on (for me, at least).

I knew this shot would be somewhat underexposed, and I hope I saved it enough in photoshop so that it doesn't look entirely awful. Though I should have known better to trust the capabilities of 100ISO film even in "good" indoor lighting conditions. This is what happens when you leave the house without a light meter.

But Angel was very nice. She told me "Just Sugar" was a venture by the dude that helped Dylan What'sherface open up her joint, but she said that Just Sugar was more of an "adult" candy store. Being that I had just met Angel, I didn't want to explore just what "adult" actually meant, lest she thought I was some creep with a camera.

Well, I am a creep with a camera, but I don't want people to see through me that quickly.

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