Saturday, May 8, 2010

Brooklyn Bridge Pier

Brooklyn side:

Got an Asnco Panda and a Brownie #3 box camera from the same seller at a reasonable price. I didn't realize the Panda was so small! But it's pretty darned cute, and in good shape with the original leather case too.

The #3 had a roll of film in it. 124 film, and I have no idea how to go about developing it. Also, while the film was on the takeup reel, when I pulled it out it was at the beginning of the roll, and not side advertising it as "Exposed." So what to do? Do I risk developing this thing (in a way I've yet to figure out, but I'm sure I will eventually), and getting nothing, or do I shoot it and potentially end up double exposing modern shots of the arch in Washington Square Park over images of Hitler hosting a seder.

Yes, my life is fraught with such problems. I mean, why worry about the economy, the war, inept car bombers when I have a roll of 124 film on my hands!

What decadence.

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