Monday, May 10, 2010

Brooklyn Bridge Roadway

Cars and people, separate but equal:

Then again, there are people in the cars, but we can't see them.

But then again, if we can't see the driver of a car, can we rightly assume that there is actually someone behind the wheel doing the driving?

And if we see someone behind the wheel, can we rightly assume that it's a flesh and blood human being and not an automaton?

And if we see an automaton behind the wheel, can we rightly assume it's a robot of sorts, and not two midgets in an overcoat?

I wonder what Descartes would say about all of this. Then again, I've never actually seen Descartes, so how do I know he even existed. Je pense, donc je suis? Are you sure?

I'd like to think there were two midgets named René and Descartes that shared an overcoat and a quill pen. In fact, I do think that. Je pense, donc je sais.

Sais sais sais, what you will....

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