Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tree & ESB

Who says you need the very top of the antenna in the shot:

Though if this were earlier times, before the antenna was up there, I think it would have looked pretty darn great, tree and all. Then again, that tree wouldn't have been in the shot in the pre-antenna days (I think it went up in 1955, you can do the looking up on the internet if you feel so inclined. I'll be staying right here).

And yes, no extended musings for today. I think I just realized something, that the best time for me to write something extended on this thing is like between 8-10 at night. It's at that time that I'm tired enough to let my guard down to actually write something that I might ordinarily decide against if I were fully awake, yet not too tired so I'm not just writing, "Boy am I tired," and leaving it at that.

Boy am I awake !

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