Sunday, May 30, 2010

Jen and Brian

"This might sound weird..." she said to me in the middle of what had already been a pleasant conversation.


"but, I like the way you're standing," she said, motioning to my feet.

During our talk I had settled into a manner of standing with all of my weight on my left foot while crossing my right foot in front of it to the left as far as I could.

"It's not some ballet thing, just more like a bad habit," I replied. She told me that she was fond of standing in the same way and that her coworkers thought it was weird.

It was the first time anybody had ever complimented me simply for my resting posture. Or maybe it was just some kind of nerves that had me twisted up like that (more likely). Yet I don't know why I had to feel nervous. They were such nice people, and a great conversation to end the day.

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