Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bridgehead Revisited

Okay, so the automatic spell checker didn't give the red dotted underline to the word, "Brideghead," to which I ask, what the hell is a bridgehead? And yes, I'm too lazy to go to the OED2 site for an answer. Sometimes I'll just stay ignorant. I like the dude in the foreground. I think he adds something to what would have been a typical Brooklyn Bridge shot. And it's also off-center, though that's proabaly not on purpose:

Trying to push myself here. Stupid fatigue.

Yesterday some drunken woman was trying to tell me that my legs were too skinny for a supposedly healthy person and she was convinced that I must be diseased. "Are you a heroin addict?"


"Do you have AIDS?"


"Are you HIV positive?"


"Well you must be hep-something!"

"No, you'll just have to accept my physiology for what it is."

They say you're the most desirable when you're not looking, yet I can't understand how these people find me. And yes, I know I'm cutting to the chase of this story without providing a greater context, but I'm tired and have things to do here.

And no, I didn't indulge her desires.

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