Monday, May 24, 2010

Jonathan and Victoria

I was worried about this one. I had just put a fresh roll into the YashMat when Jonathan (I think it was Jonathan) noticed the camera. I really don't remember much of the encounter. I didn't get to ask much about them beyond their names. Though we did discuss cameras ever so briefly.

I'm actually shocked this came out as well-exposed as it did. Of course you can see some serious brightness on Jonathan's arm and face, as well as Victoria's hand, but hell, when I realized afterwards that I hadn't changed the settings from trying to take some artsy fartsy black and white photos of a statue of the Virgin Mary, well, I expected these shots to be a literal washout.

There was one other shot that was more portraity (yes, "portraity." You wants to make something of it?), but I felt compelled to use the action shot.

I hope you guys are fine with the choice.

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