Tuesday, May 18, 2010

In My Eyes

That's the name of her business. "In My Eyes Photography." That's what it says on her business card. I was hoping her name would be on the card because of course, silly me didn't write it down, or even enter it into the "memo" application in my superphone.

This was in the West Village. They had shut down a bunch of streets for some yearly art fair which I just stumbled upon by accident. She was one of the many artists gracing the streets that day. She grew up in the neighborhood, but makes her home in New Hampshire. She said that she grew up going to this fair (and why not, it was practically on her block) and finally decided to show her work which was a mix of the city and country.

This was the last shot of four I took with the YashMat. I got the focus just right on this one, and it's her best expression too.

I'm sorry I forgot your name.

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