Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Jessica, Nicolette, Gabby, Danielle, Roberta (l-r)

This was taken on Church Street, the day of the Yankees parade. I was walking past when Gabby asked me, "Take a picture?" Of course I agreed, and then she followed up with, "Are you gonna post it?" I wondered if she was asking because she didn't want it posted, but it turned out they all were more than willing to participate.

Besides being a celebration of Yankeetude, it was Danielle's birthday.

After taking the shot, I had a very nice conversation with Jessica, who shoots with an SLR. Her friends were pointing and giggling at us while we talked. Yeah, I was some strange older dude with a strange older camera, but no stranger than the "Go Yankees" dudes which descended upon the girls with their arms comfortably around their new friends' shoulders.

What's a World Series title for if it can't bring people closer together?

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