Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Yeah, I know I screwed the exposure up. I know I should have used the flash, which I had with me (duh), but at least it's not as bad as what I'll be posting tomorrow (I'm not looking forward to that, but I suppose maybe you are, if you're a fan of foreshadowing).

But anyway, on with the post.

This is Matt. I've known him for maybe six years (or more? I don't know), but I only just recently learned that his name was "Matt." For years I called him by the name everybody else called him, and which he called himself, "Ugly."

Of course you can see that "Ugly" is one of those ironic nicknames since he is anything but. I don't think that impugns my heterosexuality to say that Ugly isn't ugly. Well, Matt is Ugly, but Matt isn't ugly. You followed that, right?

Matt is engaged to my friend Chloe (not pictured. why do I have to state the obvious all the time?). I've so far asked her twice to submit to be photographed for this blog, and twice she's refused. But the last time I saw her she said, "Ask me to do anything three times and I'll say yes."

You better look out Chloe, the next time I run into you with the camera, #3 is on...

Oh, about the picture. This was taken at Church Street just south of Canal. Ugly was showing off his Mets pride to all of the Yankee fans walking back from the parade.

Being a Mets fan myself, his gesture was more than appreciated.

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