Thursday, November 26, 2009


"Oh, Spring," I said, after she clarified what her name was. "I thought you said Spree. I'm glad you're not named after a candy."

Quite a scene greeted me when I got out of the subway at Union Square a few weeks ago. On one side of the plaza there was a rally going on for gay marriage healthcare rights, and on the other there was a pavilion promoting the new "Modern Warfare" game, and in the middle of it were the Socialists. They were there to support the gay rights side of the park.

My head isn't entirely here right now. Recovering from Thanksgiving. Gravy, cranberry sauce, enchiladas...chocolate pudding's all a blur.

I'm not thrilled with this pic. It's off-center. I took another shot of her that I think is much better, both with framing and her expression. Of course, it's darker from a weaker flash setting.

Okay, I'm lying down now.

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