Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Oscar and Carlos (l-r)

It was my first genuine, "Hey, nice camera," shot of the night. It was lightly raining, and I was sitting under the overhang protecting the outdoor seating of a restaurant. Nobody was dining, I just sat there facing the sidewalk, contemplating when I'd start moving around. That was until Oscar and Carlos couldn't help but notice the YashMat camera setup. I think it was Carlos who actually commented on it first. They were really nice, and dug the business cards.

I also realized that while I had a great spot to get people's photos that didn't require me getting wet, it was hard to focus with one of the restaurant's lights shining right over my shoulder and onto the focusing screen (yeah, excuses excuses, I know...). Though I think this came out reasonably well (well, relatively reasonably, that is).

So, thus we begin the Halloween 2009 series. I think some of the shots come out fairly decently, and some...well...you'll see them soon enough.

I pretty much kept the flash/shutter/aperture settings static for the night, so I think the next time I go out hopefully I'll have a better handle on getting night shots. Weegee I ain't, but we knew this already.

Of course, this means I'm going to have to go out. Remember when I said I didn't like going out on Halloween? Well, I really don't like going out ever. But, if it's in the name of "art" (yeah right), then maybe some extra naps on a Saturday afternoon will be enough to propel myself through at least part of an evening.

The only way to learn is to keep doing.

No, that's not true. The only way to learn is to keep doing and actually learn from what you're doing.

Wow, I'm a regular Bertrand Russell with that kind of insight on humanity.



  1. i saw you on halloween w/ my friend> lol,
    wira and danielle.
    you gave me your card. nice blog.

  2. Thank you!

    I'll post your picture tomorrow.

    Hope you like it...