Thursday, November 19, 2009

Kareem, or I owe you one for screwing this up.

Which one do I put up first...the one that's better exposed (and that's not saying much), and blurry:

or the one that's darker and focused:

I really wanted these to come out well, since Kareem was such a nice guy. I was walking south on 6th Ave when he spotted the camera. He and his friend were on their way to the mall (in Herald Square, I'm presuming), and Kareem was very happy to take a few seconds out of his day to indulge me. He told me that he was just starting to get into the world of hip hop production.

I asked him to tilt his hat up a little, yet the shadow still played havoc with his face. Why didn't I just face him more towards the sun? Oh yeah, me not think so much on spot. Me need to think more gooder.

Kareem, I owe you one. Hell, I owe you two.

This is what I get for overthinking. The first shot wasn't in focus, but had good light, even if the shadow was extending across his face. My other two shots I progressively closed the aperture. Damn. I know I've said it before around here but I'm going to say it again. I think I've said what I'm about to say before. Now I've twice said what I said before about what I was going to say again. What was I saying?

Oh yeah...

When I first started with the YashMat, I was just eyeballing the exposure, and doing a pretty decent job of it. But when I first started actually giving a shit about things, it's just gotten worser and worser. I don't even remember if I had my light meter with me when I took the shot, but it wouldn't have mattered with the hat brim shadow.

I just have to let go and use the force.

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