Thursday, November 12, 2009


I was trudging my way home at nearly 4pm (oops, I meant AM!), which with the end of Daylight Savings Time meant it was really 5am when I ran into Drew and Jane. You can see part of Jane on the very left, and that's Drew in the background on the right. They both worked at the dump I mentioned in an earlier post, that dump that I used to call my second home.

Lindsey was a friend of theirs. I can't remember a darned thing we said to each other, though I do remember saying "heynicecameradotblogspotdotcom" over and over again, since I ran out of cards earlier in the evening.

I wonder if she remembered, or if I repeated "heynicecameradotblogspotdotcom" so many times that it became this Philip Glassian background noise.

I didn't ask her what sign she flashed when I took the shot. Maybe she's in some kind of white chick gang. Maybe I should stop speculating before a gang of white chicks comes over to my house to hurt me.

Wait...why is this a bad thing?

The Shocker. I should have known...

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  1. there's a song..."white girls and gang signs".

    so, 4pm and 5am are similar? you must've been sleepy.:)