Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Plaid, Argyle, and Paisley Against Black Car

The first time she told me her name, I didn't hear it so well. When I asked her again, she said, "It's not important."

But she did want me to take photos of her with the car, even though it wasn't hers.

I'm digging those argyle fingerless gloves/mittens/whatever even more now than when I took the picture.

And thus starts another series.

Oh, I should say that this photo is a color scan of a black and white negative. Sometimes I just like the way they look before going grayscale. But back to the comments on the series.

I think this one came out okay. The one big thing I learned from this last series of shots (and what you'll learn soon enough) is that I still really don't know what the hell I'm doing with my flash. I really, REALLY have to do some serious tests with a patient subject so's I can hopefully end up with less guesswork, and less of the crappy results. And there are some crappy ones, just you wait...

I'm tending to think that my first shots for this project, way back in August, were really great. I think I started with a bang. I'm not sure about the overall quality of this anymore. But maybe that's just the way these things are, they wax and wane (ugh, some lousy typical choice of words).

But...All's I can hope for is that maybe, just maybe, I might actually progress with this thing, and maybe in a year, or two, or something, the good will outweigh the not so good, and the not so good will outweigh the bad, and the bad will outweigh the outright god-awful.

I just gots to keep taking pictures.

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