Sunday, November 1, 2009

I'm so Sorry...

Sigh....How many times am I going to open up a post with this phrase:

"I met a really nice person and forgot his/her name."

Anyway, on with the story...

I was cutting it close to get to class on time, yet I had to stop and try to get a decent close-up shot of this brick wall (not featured). I was hoping maybe I'd get one of those cool textured-type shots where it really pops out in the small area of focus, and you know...all that arty stuff.

She was standing nearby rolling a cigarette, and kept on looking over at me. We played the look game a few times, each of us glancing the other's way, until I said, "Hello."

I think she said she's a Junior, majoring in Comparative Literature. I asked and reconfirmed her name more than once. I remember it started with a P, but that's it. After I took her shots I ran off to class and by the time I was in my chair with my notebook open I couldn't for the life of me remember her name. I suppose I can blame it on being harried and rushed, especially going to a class where my professor isn't too keen on latecomers.

If you see this, Ms. P, send an email and I'll give you your due (if you like).

I took four shots, and I like the above shot the best. Well, I like her expression in this one the best. I think I should have framed it with less headroom, and should have put her in front of the white wooden thing inbetween the windows (that's a real architectural term, by the way) so her hair wouldn't get lost in the dark reflection.

This next picture is definitely framed better:

Less headroom, and she looks cool with the cigarette sticking out of her hand. Of course, there's still the issue with the hair/reflection/wooden thing inbetween the windows. Now if I could have gotten a shot with the expression of the first with the framing of the second, then maybe I'd be getting somewhere.

Then again, I don't think this expression is awful or anything. I just think the first one is more dynamic.

Or maybe I'm wrong.

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  1. she looks super she old enough to smoke?
    ;) i like both shots.