Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Amanda and I noticed each other, but for different reasons. I noticed her because she was selling photographs in Washington Square Park last Saturday. She noticed the camera around my neck, which was a Hasselblad SWC (one of my two new acquisitions). We then each showed and told, me and my cameras (I had my other new acquisition with me too, a Rolleiflex — 75mm Tessar 3.5), she and her art (film photography, and pretty damned good at that). She's at Tisch for Film and Television, and by all accounts she's going to last longer there than I did (which really isn't too hard. I was in and out of there like a teabag, though I'm still proud to this day to say that I got into NYU undergrad for film, even if I'm not currently making movies).

The photo was taken with the Rolleiflex, and was actually the second shot of my very first roll through the camera. I think camera and subject came together to make a pretty great image.

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