Thursday, July 29, 2010


If Lady Gaga were alive 150 years ago, do you think she and Beyonce would get together to record "Telegraph?"

I think this might be my first non-NYC photo on this here site. It was taken in New Jersey, along an unused rail line in my old hometown. This was also taken with the Rolleiflex (don't worry Hass fans, I'll be posting pics from the SWC, I promise!). God damn, I do love that slide film.

Across the street from the tracks is actually some decent housing, though the garbage on the tracks was definitely vintage. This included a can of Bud Dry (remember the dry beer craze kids?), a can of Pepsi celebrating the 1984 Jacksons tour (I think even before they were calling it the "Victory" tour, since "Victory Tour" wasn't on the can, just facsimiles of their autographs), and one even more ancient crushed Pepsi can with a pull-tab. Pepsi was representing back in the day, apparently.

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